To reach your destination successfully, you need a good map!!

Business Coaching or Health & Wellness Coaching

Take it to the next level and reach your goals.  Weekly one to one coaching sessions, goal setting, and detailed planning designed specifically for YOU! 

24/7 access for answers to your questions/concerns

Nutrition Coaching:

  • Educational information about foods to avoid and foods you should include
  • Menu planning 
  • Budgeting and shopping strategies
  • Overcoming the "picky eater" syndrome (and it isn't always the kids)
  • Dealing with issues such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc
  • Finding the right exercise program for you

Business Coaching:

  • Goal setting and timelines
  • Learning the ins & outs of how your business works
  • Build a business that reflects you and your personality and values
  • Creating great customer relationships
  • Use social media to reach your target market
  • Learn how to outsource effectively

8 Week Coaching Investment: