Actualize: (verb) to make real

Life Actualized: Making the life of your dreams a reality

No haters Please!

I have to say it: MY LIFE ROCKS!!

I have the BEST job EVER!! I travel all around the country and meet amazing people and get to add value to their lives, which in turns adds a ton of value to my life.  Nothing is more satisfying than having someone tell you that you changed their life.  People are my passion.  I LOVE PEOPLE!  I learn so much from everyone I meet.  I'm a hopeless romantic and I fall in love with something about each individual.  

I have an awesome family.  My daughter is the light of joy in my soul.  A dose of Meg Po is the medicine that keeps my heart singing.  Then there is my "Perfectly Fit Together" husband of over 27 years, Joe Po.  Between him and my daughter my face hurts from all of the smiling. 

I am blessed with the ability to express myself through written word.  Books, blogs, articles, oh my! Even if no one is reading it has been an amazing outlet for my spirit. 

I hit 50 and I am still going strong. A few bumps in the road, but all in all my health is fantastic.  I feel like I'm my daughter's age. (To her dismay I act it sometimes too!)

I am my own person. I have found the comfortable spot in my life where I feel at ease just being me. Piercings, tattoos, weird hair.....oh well, gotta love me for all of me!

Travel is my favorite hobby.  Give me a ticket to just about anywhere and I'm a happy camper.  I've seen so many places and experienced so much life has to offer.  And I think to myself, it's just the beginning. I'm just starting phase two of this amazing journey. 

Travel, family, work, time for myself.......Yep! Life is Grand!

I don't take it for granted though. Not one single minute. I work hard to make the life I want a reality. I know that you don't just snap your fingers and life happens. You have to decide your fate. You make your destiny. You create your life. 

I've created my perfect life picture. Are you ready to start your work of art? Are you ready to make your dream life your reality?  

I’m not going to say anything you haven’t heard before. I’m just going to get you to think about it differently.
— Cyndi Po

Just who do you think you are

Cyndi Po has experience as a teacher, chef, finance manager, chauffeur, therapist, housekeeper, personal shopper, mediator, stylist, home repair specialist, cheerleader, philanthropist, and CEO. She did all of this for eighteen years without receiving a penny in compensation.  Cyndi Po IS a mom.  She has been a mom to her beautiful daughter for over a quarter of a century, and that "mom" mindset has paved the way to a successful career as a Lifestyle Strategist. Cyndi, aka Momma Po, has dedicated her life to helping others design the life of their dreams, and through guided decision making, create a plan to make that dream a reality.

"The journey of self discovery takes a lot of detours." - Cyndi Po

Cyndi began her journey in "adult" life with a business accounting degree and a sense of determination to be successful in the business world.  Immediately after beginning her job as an account manager, she knew this was not a good fit.  With a belief in self realization, she quit her very good paying job and took a job working the front desk of a Gold's Gym while she went on a journey of self discovery to decide what she wanted to be when she grew up.  That's when it happened. She fell in love with the fitness industry. It was a match that was meant to be.

"If you don't get what you want in life, maybe it wasn't what you truly wanted." - Cyndi Po

Cyndi met and married her husband after meeting him at the gym and a year later their amazing daughter was born.  Cyndi dedicated the next eighteen years to her daughter and wore the badge of mom loudly and proudly.  She only gave birth to one child but always seems to be surrounded by many.  The Po House was the "kool-aid house" and the gathering place for all of Momma Po's kids.

"Fat isn't something you are, it's something you have." - Cyndi Po

Through her own struggles with weight over the course of years, Cyndi continued the pursuit of her love of the fitness industry.  Always searching for the best fitness advice and the most effective health regimens, she continued to educate herself and earn certifications and degrees in the fitness industry. When her daughter graduated, she pursued her own dream and opened her first fitness business.  After becoming an entrepreneur, teaching daily fitness classes, and discovering more and more about the importance of nutrition, Cyndi realized her natural role as a nutritional therapist.  Upon completing her certification, she began speaking professionally on the topic of nutrition and wellness. 

"Don't let the start stop you." - Cyndi Po

After counseling many clients on weight loss, what Cyndi discovered was the struggle with weight was very little to do with food.  The power of one's mindset to change a person's life became Cyndi's main topic of speaking.  This idea that changing your mindset to change your life became the launching ground for "Life Actualized."

"Definition: Actualized - to make real..........Life Actualized is your dream life turned into reality." - Cyndi Po

"Life Actualized" is the ability to turn the life of your dreams into your reality.  Everyone can and should be living the life of their dreams.  Through guided decision making, Cyndi will take you on a journey of self discovery to help you design the life of your dreams, make it a reality, and with her health and wellness tips, live long enough to enjoy it.

Cyndi Po - Mom, Wife, Life Coach, Mentor


Be Fearless   Be Gracious   Be Authentic