Motivational Speaker

As a motivational speaker, my experience is multi-leveled.  I can be hired to speak to a workshop, usually 25-100 people.  I have experience with team building in the corporate level with groups of 15-500. And of course my experience as a keynote to groups of any size.  

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"Life Actualized"

Make the life of your dreams the life of your reality.  You can have it all!  By changing your mindset you can achieve levels of personal success beyond even your dreams. Dream it and believe it. 

Every day you should be: Happy, Content, Satisfied, Fulfilled, Joyful, Healthy, Generous, Mindful


In a workshop atmosphere, we get up close and personal with groups of 25-100 to accommodate for Q&A. I encourage and educate in regards to Healthy Lifestyles, Self Awareness & Care, and Visionary Practices.  

Health & Wellness Topics:

  • Healthy Weight Loss
    • No Dieting Diet
  • Exercise Management
    • Find the exercise that's right for you
  • Developing Healthy Lifestyle
    • Specific Audiences
      • Women Over 40
      • For The Whole Family
      • Obesity Is More Than Just One Disease
  • 50+ Fabulous (Life in chapter 2 is even better than chapter 1)
  • Healthy Sex After 40

Self Awareness & Care Topics:

  • Put Your Oxygen Mask On First; The Importance of Caring for Yourself So You Can Care For Others
  • Time Structuring: Building Time Around Your Life Instead of Your Life Around Time
  • What's YOUR Number?; Stop Letting Your Life Be Defined By Numbers (weight, money, social media, etc)

Visionary Practices

  • Life Actualized: How To Make The Life Of Your Dreams The Life Of Your Reality
  • Life Art: Vision Boards, New You Resolutions Year Round, Mantras & Daily Devotions

corporate team building

Team building for groups 15 people to 400. 

All team building events are charity based.  Activities include:

  • Bike building: Bikes for kids
  • Mission Military Care: Care packages for our soldiers deployed
  • Rescue Buddies:  Create stuffed animals for children's homes/shelters, fire and rescue and emergency services
  • Wheelchairs, Wagons & More!!

Just a few of the awesome Companies I have worked with: