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Actualized means to "make real." Your Life Actualized is designing the life of your dreams and then taking action to make that dream a reality. 

Focusing on life balance is a waste of time and energy. Balancing every aspect of our lives is simply impossible. Life Balance is like the mythical unicorn. The story is nice but its just not realistic. 

Designing the life of your dreams begins by integrating all the pieces of your life together to form the perfect puzzle, each piece fitting together to eventually create a wonderful picture. This picture is your life actualized.


Create your life actualized through the guided decision making. The steps are laid out for you in my new book. Each chapter will address a principle and will offer "homework" to apply to your life.

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Make Your Dreams Your Reality


Happy   Content   Satisfied   Fulfilled   Joyful   Healthy   Generous   Mindful

These words should be used to describe your life every single day. You deserve to be living a life that makes you truly happy and fulfilled.  Every day should be filled with joy and generosity.  Every moment should be a link of satisfaction that leads to the next link in the chain of your life.  Moments should be remembered for the contentment they bring.  You should begin each day feeling healthy and strong, ready to take on the world.  You should be mindful of each moment and breath in the sheer bliss that is your life. 

You Deserve the life of your dreams

The only thing standing between you and happiness is YOUR MINDSET!

be fearless    be gracious    be authentic