Tai Chi Easy - 6 Week Series

Joe will be leading another 6 Week Tai Chi Easy series.
If you have participated before, this series will be a great refresher and you will be learning some new ideas and also given more information to continue the practice at home.
If you have never taken Tai Chi Easy, this is a wonderful series to begin with. 

The benefits of Tai Chi Easy are amazing. Everything from sickness, injury, stress management to life balance will benefit from your practice. Don't miss this opportunity to find and balance your energy for a healthier and stronger, you.

Class Information:
All classes are Thursday at 8pm
Beginning Jan 7th

Series Investment: 
$72 for non-members
$48 for Members

Pricing based on FOTG Membership

(Join FOTG for $7.95 and save on this series: go to www.fotg.us/premium-members )

Kettlebell Basics

Join Joe for a 2 hour basic training for perfect form with Kettlebells. 

Joe is RKC certified, which is the ultimate standard for Kettlebell training. He is a master trainer and focuses on form and precision. 

When used properly Kettlebells are the best workout tool. 

Whether you are new to Kettlebells or a seasoned user, this class will benefit your results from your Kettlebell workout. 

Date TBA