12 Weeks To A-Ma-Zing


My 12 week mentor program is not for the faint of heart.  

Who SHOULDN'T participate in my Mentor Program:

  • Those whose ego is easily bruised
  • Those who are not willing to be open minded to new possibilities
  • Those who play the blame game and aren't willing to take personal responsibility
  • Those who are looking for the easy fix
  • Those who aren't willing to do the work necessary to succeed

Mentoring with Cyndi Po is a life altering experience.  YOU will be pushed to the limits.  You will find inner strength you never knew you had.  YOU will see that you can exceed your wildest expectations. YOU will learn to self awareness that will change your life. YOU will find inner strength, confidence, motivation, and amazing focus that will guarantee your success in reaching your goals

Mentor Programs designed for those looking to set new goals in:

Personal Health & Fitness

Professional Coaching


Only 10 Applications will be accepted!!!

What's included:

  • 12 week personal coaching based on your goals
  • Post program follow up for 12 weeks (because Momma Po would never leave you hanging)
  • "Must read" books and journal
  • 1 1/2 hour goal setting evaluation call
  • Weekly assignments and POwerful Living projects
  • Weekly group call
  • Private FB group for access to other participants and unlimited questions for me
  • 3 - 1hr personal evaluation calls to be scheduled throughout the 12 weeks

investment: $1399 or 8 pymts of $199

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POwerful Living Mentor Program

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