You're Perfect Just The Way You Are.......And Other Lies!!!


     In this world of political correctness and acceptance of everyone and everything, I often wonder if we aren't doing a disservice to people by being "OK" with whatever.  

     I sit here today at my computer typing this blog with the realization that I am about thirty pounds overweight.  Now I can tell you that hormones and menopause are definitely playing a role in my current physical situation, but it doesn't change the fact that at thirty pounds overweight I am not healthy.  I don't feel good in my clothes, and I sure as heck don't look good in them.  The idea of going into a store and "trying on" clothes makes me want to run and hide.  I am tired and have noticed I have been "sick" more often in the past year with this weight gain than in years prior.  I am tired because I don't sleep well.  And let's not even talk about the mood swings. But at the end of the day I know that this too shall pass and eventually the alien presence will leave my body and I will once again be ME.


     I can handle all this that is happening. But there is one thing that I just can't deal with and that is the well meaning but totally useless lies that people feel necessary to shower over me. Now let me preface this by saying it's really sweet that people want to be kind and "supportive" and want to make me feel good about myself.  But let's get real.  When someone tells me "you look great" or "weight is just a number" or "you shouldn't let the scale rule your life", honestly, I want to scream LIAR LIAR, PANTS ON FIRE! I mean, come on can't we just be honest. "Hey Cyndi, you really need to lose some weight chickie!  I love ya and want you to be healthy and around for a long time." Would that be so awful? 

     I think as a society we are so focused on not saying anything that "offends" anyone that we become enablers. We have an obligation to people we care about to tell the truth.  Or does "honestly is the best policy" only apply circumstantially?

     I think when we tell someone who is over weight or obese that they "look perfect just as they are" or "as long as they are ok with their weight it's ok", we are not showing we care about them.  Let's face it, if you care about someone you want them to be healthy and live a long time. 

     I feel the same way about children who have weight issues. We tell parents if they try to help their kids lose weight we are fat shaming them and hurting them emotionally. I call bull crap.  As a parent your number one job is to keep your child healthy and happy.