Amanda Palmer - The Art of Asking

Stop Worrying and Let People Help

     If you don't know about Amanda Palmer, you are in for a treat. I happened upon this extraordinary woman while on one of my typical TED talk expositions. (Sidenote: I love TED talks and this is one of the reasons why.....finding people like Amanda!)

She began her speech by standing on a box and reminiscing about her humble beginnings as a street performer. Her description of how she felt about what she was doing and the way others viewed her intrigued me right away. 

    Let me first touch on Amanda's physical appearance. It is quite apparent by her bohemian style and amazing makeup that she is most definitely her own person. (Which made me love her immediately) 

     She describes her music a combination of punk and cabaret (again, instantly I'm in love). It's fun, eclectic and it speaks to the soul.

    After finding complete dissatisfaction with a record label, she has become a genius at crowdfunding. Basically she has created a career by asking people to help. Instead of charging for her music, she simply asks fans to give what they feel the music is worth. WHAT A PHENOMENAL LESSON for life. Many people would find these kind of financial endeavors very scarey. Amanda said,  "I don't see them as risk, I see them as trust."  She was trusting that those who loved her and found value in her music would support her to be able to continue. What an amazing idea. Her message was so thought provoking. "Instead of trying to figure out how to get people to pay for music, what if we ask how can we LET them pay for it." I love this. 

     I think this works for both sides. The followers or supporters are given the opportunity to express their gratitude at a level that they feel is appropriate and doable for them. On the side of the artist or expert, it challenges them to always give amazing content to the followers or supporters. 

     The art of asking is definitely worth checking out. And follow Amanda's music. It is mindblowing.