"Cyndi Po's calm but passionate approach to work is very unique......."

"Cyndi Po's calm but passionate approach to work is very unique. She is equally as grounded as heated when she talks about something she believes in. Her organisational skills are second to none. If you are a creative individual who needs someone very practical and logical alongside you, you cannot afford NOT to have Cyndi Po."

Katya Varbanova   CEO Peri10K Mastermind

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"Cyndi Po continually inspires......"

"Cyndi Po continually inspires not just through her openness and loving "Mama" approach but also in how efficient and organised she is - creating systems and structures that allow others in business to flourish with confidence PLUS Cyndi keeps revealing more technical & creative talents keeping interactions fresh and enticing --Pleasure to know you Cyndi

- Michelle Spriddell "Social Gooseberry"

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"Cyndi Po makes people feel connected to her instantly......"

"Cyndi Po makes people feel connected to her instantly - even if they live across the country or around the world! She leads with compassion and love, and she fearlessly inspires people to see themselves and the world differently. If you're looking for a unique and refreshing voice in the online fitness space, I can't recommend Cyndi enough."

- Stephen Lovegrove, "America's Life Coach"

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"What's not to love about Cyndi Po's no nonsense approach....."

"What's not to love about Cyndi Po's no nonsense approach to nutrition, fitness, and life in general. Her warm, authentic support whips us all into shape. You can tell she has years of experience and knowledge which she gives away by the bucket load. Thank you for sharing your message of well being with the world."

- Michala Leyland "Owner, Wood For The Trees Coaching"

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"....I met Cyndi Po at Peri10K....."

"I'm fairly new to the Periscope communities and met Cyndi Po at Peri10k. She welcomed me to the scope I was viewing and encouraged me to visit and participate in others. Whenever and wherever we meet up online she is there with a Welcome, a kind word and always willing to help answer questions or guide me to answers. Can't wait to meet you in person one day soon."

- Mindy Richards Gross "Alternative & Holistic Health Coach"