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"Life doesn't come with a remote. If you want it to change you are going to have to get up and change it yourself."

Personal & Professional Development

So there's a thing you want that you don't have...........

Could be a rocking body, could be a rocking business, might just be getting an extra ten hours a week to rock your pajamas.

So of course you try a diet. A business course. An assistant.  And then another. And then a few more. And every time you do, you are somehow further away from that thing you'd sell your soul to have.

How do I know? First of all, it's a very common pattern. Second of all, you're talking to Momma Po here, and Momma Po knows her stuff.

For instance, I know how you can get that thing you want.  Not hope for it, plan for it, or wish upon a star on balmy night in August.    Have it.  Live it.  Love it. 

It hardly matters what that thing is.  If it were about finding the right expert in the thing itself, you'd have it already.  The reason you don't is because knowledge doesn't really count. Trying doesn't count. Only real change does, and that takes an entirely separate skill set to navigate. 

Good thing I'm a change agent!

I've taken people from dreading a flight of stairs to hiking in Alaska.  I've taken others from pushing paper and drowning in self-doubt, to taking the entrepreneurial world by storm.  I've been catalyst to dozens of stories like that.  I also had the time to create my own perfect life picture, where every day is a blessing times a thousand, with plenty of time left over to rock my pajamas. 

Not because I"m superhuman. Nobody is (so quit trying to be). I simply know how to create what I want, even when it doesn't look like i'm going to get it.  Cause in the world of Po, things have no choice but to change in ways that matter most.  

Powerful shifts.  Potential realized.  Life actualized.

This is what you're in for, as long as you're all in.

Are you?


Your Health Is Your Wealth - Invest In It


Have you tried EVERYTHING and just can't lose the weight? Are you stuck at your current fitness level and are ready to take it to the next level?  Do you hate working out but still want to stay fit? Are you confused by all of the shiny objects the fitness industry throws at you daily? Do you feel like you are always being judged by the fit people at the gym? Do you belong to a gym but have no idea what to do when you are there? Personal Trainers too expensive? Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? 

Help Is Right Here



Trainers, programs, & challenges......... Oh My!

Whatever your fitness and health goals, I have a solution to help you achieve them. Try on everything and see what fits!

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Self-Paced Self-Improvement With An Online Course Library

When you set out on a journey, sometimes you need you stop and ask for directions. Asking for a bit of help is a smart thing to do. Save time and resources by getting expert advice on what to do next or how to do it better.

My online course library is designed to help you reach your goals. I offer courses in fitness, nutrition, organizational skills, simplifying your life, business related applications, financial planning, and so much more. Everything I have learned, everything that has helped me succeed in my goals, I am offering to you. Take a minute to browse. I know you will find something that will help you win your goals.

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